Liquid Desulfurization

Regenerable liquid desulfurization block flow diagram

SulfaTrap™ offers sorbents for desulfurization of liquid hydrocarbons, such as LPG, NGL, logistics fuel, ethanol, and diesel. These sorbents remove sulfur directly from the liquid stream to upgrade product quality and achieve a passing copper strip test or Tier 3 specification. SulfaTrap™ sorbents can be operated in an expendable configuration for low sulfur fuels (e.g., ultra low sulfur road diesel), or in a regenerable configuration by applying a mild temperature swing for high sulfur fuels.

Design of a 16,000 BPD nC4/iC4 desulfurization system


  • High selectivity to all sulfur species
  • High removal efficiency - sulfur concentration is reduced to less than:
    • 40 ppbv in liquid fuels
    • 5 ppbv in the reformate gas
  • High capacity
  • SulfaTrap™-D1 achieves ~5 mL fuel / mL sorbent capacity in regenerable operation and greater than 12 mL fuel / mL sorbent capacity during expendable operation
  • Regenerable operation - nitrogen, natural gas, or clean process gas may be used for regeneration


  • SulfaTrap™-D1 Regenerable desulfurization sorbent (aviation fuel, diesel, gasoline, ethanol)
  • SulfaTrap™-R2 Regenerable desulfurization sorbent (NGL, LPG)
  • SulfaTrap™-R5 Regenerable desulfurization sorbent (NGL, LPG)