Natural Gas Desulfurization

Turn-key unit built to European code treating 7.5 MMSCFD of pipeline gas

Natural gas, the ubiquitous energy source for stationary fuel cell generators, contains a wide variety of sulfur compounds. Sulfur degrades the cell performance and poisons the catalysts used in the fuel processor. In addition to the naturally occurring sulfur, organic sulfur compounds are also added as odorant. As a result, sulfur speciation in the gas can change from pipeline to pipeline, locale to locale and season to season. Other compositional changes in heavy hydrocarbons and moisture further complicate the problem.

SulfaTrap™ sorbents effectively remove sulfides, mercaptans, tetrahydrothiophene (THT), di-sulfides and tri-sulfides, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and carbonyl sulfide (COS). Our sorbents reduce the sulfur concentration in the fuel to ppbv levels to ensure maximum protection. We work closely with you to engineer the best solution for your application. Protect your fuel cell with the SulfaTrap™ family of sulfur sorbents.


  • Ambient temperature operation
  • High capacity
  • High removal efficiency to all sulfur species
  • Reducing sulfur concentration to less than 5 ppbv
  • Tolerance to heavy hydrocarbons
  • Moisture tolerant to 4000 ppmv water (SulfaTrap™-R2)
  • Easy disposal
  • No flammability, toxicity or pyrophorocity
  • Regenerable or expendable operation


SulfaTrap™-R2 Moisture-tolerant desulfurization

SulfaTrap™-R5 COS Removal

SulfaTrap™-R6 General desulfurization (pipeline NG)

General desulfurization