Black Powder

Black powder and condensable sulfur compounds can wreak havoc on natural gas distribution equipment. Plugged lines, scored valve, and clogged filters are all symptoms of this affliction -- both iron sulfide particles and sulfur "gel" adhere to surfaces and accumulate, affecting pipeline geometry and component clearances until flow is restricted or failure occurs. Additionally, high H2S concentrations can corrode seals in valves and flow control devices -- most commercial filters only provide gas drying and H2S removal while passing all the solid and condensable sulfur to your equipment.

SulfaTrap™-R8HB can reduce the maintenance and downtime caused by black powder. Simple cartridge-based high-pressure filters protect valves, actuators, and pressure regulators from the detrimental effects of uncontrolled sulfur condensation and powder build-up. SulfaTrap™-R7J and SulfaTrap™-X1 remove H2S and organic sulfurs, providing an additional later of protection for your instrumentation and control. Full-flow sorbent vessels provide clean gas flow to downstream distribution lines and odorant stations.

SulfaTrap™ cartridges are compatible with Welker F-5 and IMAC FD-5 housings.


  • Ambient temperature operation
  • Passive cleanup -- no pumps or nozzles
  • High capacity
  • High removal efficiency for powders and condensable sulfur
  • Easy disposal
  • No flammability, toxicity or pyrophorocity


SulfaTrap™-R8HB Formulated to remove organic sulfur compounds

SulfaTrap™-X1 High capacity material for ultra-purification

SulfaTrap™-R7J Bulk desulfurization