About Us

Who We Are

SulfaTrap LLC is a global supplier of purification systems (e.g. sulfur contaminants, mercury and halides) for oil and gas, and chemical synthesis applications.  The proprietary sorbent products eliminate any sulfur contaminants ranging from simple sulfides (e.g., hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide) to complex mercaptans and thiophenes from natural gas, LPG, gasoline, naphtha and chemical feedstocks (e.g., ethylene, propylene, styrene).  SulfaTrap also provides adsorption systems for removing carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen from natural gas and other process streams.  SulfaTrap delivers custom purification solutions, including bulk sorbents, engineering design packages and fully customized turn-key purification systems, based on its advanced sorbent technology

Our Commitment

To share our knowledge and experience with our customers in order to achieve mutual success and to provide the best purification solutions.