The SulfaTrap™-R7 sorbent technology is designed for ultra-purification of natural gas, biogas, CO2 streams, associated gas and a wide range of hydrocarbon streams (ranging from LPG to natural gas liquids to diesel fuel). The SulfaTrap™ sorbents can remove H2S and all other organic sulfur compounds (such as mercaptans, sulfides, thiophenes) to very low concentrations (single digit ppbv levels if needed). The proprietary SulfaTrap™-R7 sorbents are specifically formulated to remove H2S and light mercaptans (e.g., methyl mercaptan, ethyl mercaptan) from natural gas both under dry (10-100 ppmv) and wet conditions (fully saturated). These sorbents are primarily designed for bulk natural gas desulfurization applications, removing sulfur from associated gases (generated during oil production), purification of biogas, and treating amine off-gas streams (i.e., H2S removal from CO2). The sorbents maintain their structure under all conditions and can be easily removed from the vessels at the end of their useful life, simply by opening a drain valve or using vacuum evacuation (directly transferring the material to a vacuum truck). The materials are safe to handle and easy to dispose of (they are not flammable or pyrophoric). They are highly tolerant to constituents of air (e.g., oxygen, water vapor and CO2), and do not require any activation prior to use. These sorbents consist of inexpensive metal oxides and ceramic binders, and can be operated cost-effectively in a once-through, expendable manner.


Suitable for use in high and low moisture conditions, including dry gas streams.


Suitable for use in high and low moisture conditions, including dry gas streams.


Chemical sorbent for H2S removal from wet streams.  Can also improve mercaptan capacity of SulfaTrap™-R8 sorbents.


Lower cost iron-based sorbent for the removal of H2S from gas streams with >180 ppmv water vapor - pellet structure facilitates easy removal at end of life.