The SulfaTrap™-R8 family of materials utilize activated carbon as the support phase, with surface modifications to remove sulfur species via physical adsorption. The interaction is very strong allowing the sorbent to achieve very high removal efficiency.


Carbon-based COS and CS2 removal sorbent. Air and moisture tolerant.


Carbon-based sorbent modified for high capacity of light mercaptan species – methyl, ethyl, and propyl mercaptans. Suitable for use in high and low moisture conditions, including dry gas streams.


Mesoporous carbon sorbent with surface functional groups that attract sulfur compounds. Larger pore size enables the access of large organic sulfur species, such as high molecular weight mercaptans (e.g. butyl or amyl mercaptans), thiophenes, alkyl thiophenes, and disulfides (such as dimethyl disulfide).