SulfaTrap Sorbents

SulfaTrap sorbents are available as:

  • Packaged Desulfurizers and Turn-Key Systems
  • Bulk Desulfurizers
SulfaTrap R2 Specification Sheet Natural gas desulfurization, high moisture(1)
SulfaTrapTM-R5 COS Removal
SulfaTrap R6 Specification Sheet Natural gas desulfurization, low moisture(2)
SulfaTrap R7 Specification Sheet Low cost bulk natural gas desulfurization
SulfaTrap R8 Specification Sheet Biogas desulfurization, polishing bed
SulfaTrapTM-P LPG desulfurization
SulfaTrapTM-HRG Hot reformate gas desulfurization(3)
SulfaTrapTM-HDS Hydrodesulfurization of natural gas

(1) Up to 4,000 ppmv H2O (2) Up to 150 ppmv H2O (3) Up to 900oC


SulfaTrap Desulfurization Sorbents Packaging