R2 products tolerate high levels of moisture, and can be used for many applications

R5 sorbents target removal of COS and CS2 from gas streams

R6 sorbents provide general desulfurization of natural gas and LPG

R7 materials are low-cost bulk sulfur removal sorbents, ideal for a wide variety of applications

R8 sorbents are designed for removal of heavy mercaptans as well as siloxane polishing - ideal for biogas applications

SulfaTrap™ D Sorbents

SulfaTrap™-D materials are regenerable sorbents for logistics fuels, kerosene, and diesel

Next-generation sulfur removal - high capacity materials for size and weight-limited applications

SulfaTrap™ SO Sorbents

Sulfur dioxide removal for cathode protection and general air clean up

SulfaTrap™ NRU Sorbent

PSA-based sorbent for nitrogen rejection and ideal for upgrading the heating value of natural gas

SulfaTrap™ M Sorbents

Cost-effective solution to remove mercury, arsenic, and selenium from liquids and gases

Not all applications or sorbent formulations are listed. Our engineers will be happy to assist you with your clean-up application. Contact us for more information.