SulfaTrap™ Sorbents

Sorbents are what we do, and sulfur removal is in our name.  With over 20 years of experience in sorbents and separation technology, SulfaTrap is a leader in the desulfurization field.  Our development team works continuously to bring improved materials to market, address new separation needs and requirements, and reduce the costs of sulfur removal.  From the low-cost SulfaTrap™-R7, to general use SulfaTrap™-R6, and high-performance SulfaTrap™-X1, SulfaTrap has your purification needs covered.



• High selectivity and removal efficiency for all sulfur species (reduce sulfur levels to less than 5 ppbv)

• High capacity

• Regenerable operation

•Tolerance to contaminants

• Easy disposal (no flammability, toxicity, or pyrophorocity)



 SulfaTrack™ Sensors

We also offer sensors that detect the presence of sulfur at ultra-low levels for early breakthrough detection, and provide visual indication when the sorbent needs to be replaced